Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to Gwen's Worlds

I've been bucking the idea of creating a writing blog for a long time: "Oh I've got DeviantArt, that's enough!" or "I can rant all I want on Facebook!" or "I'll just Tweet about writing."

Unfortunately none of those really cut it - I haven't updated my dA page in months (though I check in daily), I don't want to bog down my FB with (all) my musings on writing, and I'm hardly ever on Twitter.

I was talking with a writing mentor today (sorry Wendy, but you are!) and through that conversation I realized I really need to start getting a web presence established when it comes to writing - something more formal than DeviantArt and more substantial than Twitter.  So here I am!

My name is Gwendolyn Wilkins and I bid you welcome to Gwen's Worlds!

Why the plural? You ask.

Well because I don't just play in one world, I have several kicking around; which of course means you'll likely be meeting with some strange randomness occasionally if you come back more than once!

So what can one expect by coming back that second and (hopefully!) third and fourth times?

I'll probably be talking a lot about my latest projects - of which there's two currently:

I have "The Journey of a Tree Mage" (working title) which is a YA high fantasy novella that's currently with my beta readers (who *aren't* reading it btw!!! <- Slackers! lol)

Then there's "The Kius Planet" (a title I've never had any love for).  This is a sci-fi/fantasy novel I've been working on for not just years, but decades.  I wrote the first draft in my teens and it's gone through countless revisions and rewrites.  I set it aside four years ago, but after finishing the Tree Mage story as well as taking on my first NaNoWriMo last year, I felt it was time to finally revisit this beast.

And it really needs to be finished too.  I've poured so much time and research into this story; invested half my life into it and countless contemplations.  It's very much a part of me, so now that I'm finally old enough and mature enough as a writer, I felt it was time to finally "do it fer real this time" and git er done!

Intermingled among all that I'll likely be throwing in unconnected story blurbs that pop in as they come (it happens some times).  I may bring up lesser stories that I've toyed with on the fringes of things.  I'll likely bring up 5 Minute Fiction now and then - where I hang out on Tuesdays.

I haven't figured out an update schedule yet, but I think I'll shoot for at least once a month for now.  I certainly may pop in more frequently depending on what's going on in my writing world(s).  Till then, thanks much for stopping by and checking this out!


  1. Gwen's worlds!
    Gwen's worlds!
    Party time!

    Welcome to the blogospere my dear!
    I'm really enjoying your story, and I will have LOTS off comments all over it when I send the critique back.

    1. Oh I'm so glad you're finally reading it!
      Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

      Extreme close-up!!! Whoa!!!!! ;)

  2. Greetings to this new area. I suppose when I become more active in my writing, I'll find myself in a place not unlike this one. Grats on making this step. Be sure to let us know you have an update here, on Facebook, in case us louses neglect visiting this place of our own volition.

  3. Yey! :) welcome to the world of blogger :D

    it is sometimes a bit frustrating to add images but other than that, it rocks! Looking forward to reading a few of those things that I have been hearing *reading* about for a while now .

  4. Cool blog. Looking forward to updates and seeing how things progress. All the best!